About Sisson Log Homes

Based in the mountains of Blue Ridge, Georgia, Sisson Log Homes, Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of log and timber products in the Southeastern United States. Founded by Jim Sisson and other members of the Sisson family in 1980, the family-owned and operated company has been manufacturing the materials needed for the construction of log homes for well over 30 years. With our state-of-the-art production line, Sisson Log Homes produces as many as 20 log home packages per day with precision, professionalism and proficiency.

Our Log Home Supplies

As one of the largest suppliers of log and timber products in the Southeastern U.S., Sisson Log Homes specializes in log home package materials designed to save homeowners and builders money by cutting the overhead costs of middleman dealers. Our specialty millwork items come from Sisson's own mill, reducing your costs by working factory direct. We aren't builders or contractors, rather we specialize in selling premium-grade logs and siding, lumber, finishing, caulk, and other materials for building a beautiful log home.