6 Log Home Myths

Log Home Myth #1

"All Log Homes are sold as complete, snap together kits"

Fact: "Log homes are conventionally built homes with solid timber walls." There is nothing mysterious about Log Homes. Most log homes are built from conventional materials with conventional methods (except for the exterior walls). This includes the so called "kit" log home. The first question the informed log home buyer should ask is "Why a kit?" On the surface, it seems logical enough, the word "kit" implies, complete, convenient, easy to assemble, something along the lines of a model car, airplane kit or Lincoln Logä playset. This myth is far from the truth. The majority of components that go into a log home can be purchased from a local lumberyard.

Where then did the idea of a kit come from? It came from some shrewd lumbermen who long ago figured out a way to package up and market their lumber and hardware products long distance. Many so-called log manufacturers are not manufacturers at all but just another knot in a long string of middlemen who are marking up the price on a product they bought elsewhere before they passed it on to you. Many of these suppliers purchase most of your package down the street at their local lumberyard, pay retail, add 100% markup, plus shipping and handling, and then freight it 2000 miles to your site. They also frequently forget to mention a few thousand dollars' worth of indispensable little necessities that you are going to need to buy at the local lumberyard (and have fabricated at the local machine shop).

The Truth: You can buy just the components you need to assemble your log home system direct from the factory, at the same price that professional builders and developers pay.

Log Home Myth #2

"A Log Home Kit contains everything I need to build my home."

Fact: "This is a BIG lie." Most Log Home Dealers want you to believe this. If you have good accurate information to help you count the real cost of building you may decide to reduce the size of your home, put off the purchase until a later date or decide not to build a new home at all. The typical Log Home Dealer thinks that it is not in his/her interest to tell you the truth about the real cost of building a log home. That is sad because nothing is further from the truth.

The Truth: Most Log Home "Kits" contain between 25-50% of what you will need to complete a Log Home. Good accurate information means good planning, a smooth operation with no surprises and ultimately a project built right, on time and on budget.

Log Home Myth #3

"Pre-cutting a log home kit will save time, labor and money."

Fact: "This is another BIG lie." Most so-called pre-cut operations require very labor-intensive process that unnecessarily duplicates the handling of the product. The package must be pre-cut, assembled, disassembled, marked for reassembly in a process requiring extensive sorting and attempting to discern where the big jigsaw pieces go. The manufacturer then adds a large margin which inflates the cost of the finished product. Another major drawback is that pre-cutting requires precise site dimension control with little room for error. It also eliminates your option of making last minute changes (which are frequent) such as adding a window to accommodate that view you didn't realize you had.

The Truth: Site cutting of a Log Home is quick, efficient, and produces an excellent finished product without an over-inflated kit cost.

Log Home Myth #4

"Using a kit means there will be very little left to finish."

Fact: "This is also a BIG lie." Most Log Homes are conventionally built with conventional materials and methods, except for solid timber exterior walls which will not require insulation, exterior siding or interior paneling. You must still conventionally construct a foundation system, floor system, interior partitions, roof system, exterior wood treatment, floor finishes, cabinetry, hardware, wall finishes, interior trim, electrical, plumbing and HVAC among many others. All the things that a contractor would have to finish in any conventional home.

The Truth: Log Homes (and "Kits") take no less work to build than conventional homes.

Log Home Myth #5

"Log Homes are less expensive to build than other homes"

Fact: "Log Homes typically cost more than conventional homes." As well they should. With all the benefits considered, a log home is worth more than a comparably appointed conventional home. It is not that great an increase when viewed as a percentage of the homes total cost. In addition, national real estate resale data shows log homes consistently sell faster and for more than comparably appointed conventional homes.

The Truth: Most log homes can be built for 5-10% more than a comparably appointed conventional home.

Log Home Myth #6

"Owning a Log Home will make me smarter, more attractive and popular"

Fact: This statement is relatively close to the truth, just slightly convoluted. It should read:

The Truth: "Owning a Log Home will prove I'm smarter, it's natural setting will make me seem more attractive and subsequently more popular."