About Sisson Log Homes

Sisson Log Homes was started in 1980 by Jim Sisson, and other members of the Sisson family. The Sisson family has been in the building business since 1968. The original focus of the company was to build homes and to manufacture logs for the homes they built. In 1984 the company split into two companies…the home building side became The Sisson Company, and the log manufacturing side was Sisson Log Homes, Inc, under the ownership of Jim Sisson and his sons Charlie & Bruce. The company primarily manufactured and sold logs and beams to local building contractors.

In 1986 Sisson Log Homes became a full line builder's supply, selling everything needed to build a log home. Then in 2001, Sisson Log Homes moved to their current location at 715 Summit Street, Blue Ridge, GA. They are one of the largest manufacturers of log and timber products in the Southeastern United States.

Sisson Log Homes currently produces on average one log home package per day. With their new $1.5 million production line, to be online in January 2005, their capability could increase to as many as 20 log home packages per day. This new production line, with its state of the art equipment, not only will increase production capability, but will increase the precision of the logs and beams produced.