Log Builder Caulk

All logs move, so Log Builder was specifically designed to absorb most log movement. Most movement occurs within the first few years, when logs lose the majority of their moisture causing them to shrink and the joints to expand. That's why it's crucial to use Log Builder from the start. Since Log Builder stretches and compresses up to 100% of the original joint size and stays elastic, Log Builder won't crack, peel or pull away from properly prepared logs. Instead, it creates a tight seal to keep water, dust, bugs and wind from seeping into your home—for many years. Log Builder is the smooth sealant for milled and hand-crafted log structures.

Sashco LOG BUILDER Caulk Features & Benefits

  • Smooth latex caulk won't crack, peel or pull away
  • Introduced in 1988 – proven formula
  • Excellent elasticity, memory and adhesion
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Water-based – easy to apply and clean up, tack-free within an hour
  • Freeze-thaw stable
  • Excellent sealant for milled or hand-crafted log structures
  • Use in stacking, Swedish cope, tongue & groove, or for filling in checks
  • Can be used on new or older log structures
  • Adheres to preservative-treated logs
  • Paintable with oil or latex coatings

Estimation Guide for Caulking
Lineal feet per full gallon (231 cu. in.). Width of Joint
1/4' 3/8' 1/2' 5/8' 3/4' 7/8' 1'
Depth of Joint 1/4' 308 205 154 123 102 88 77
3/8' - 136 102 82 68 58 51
1/2' - - 77 61 51 44 39

Example: One full gallon is sufficient material to fill a joint 1/2' wide and 3/8' deep and 102' long.

Cartridges: When figuring feet per cartridge for a particular joint size divide lineal feet by 12.